Artist Statement:
The mid Twentieth Century brought many new and exciting styles, inventions, designs, innovations & Trends! The spill over from post WWII golden age era proved to be a truly unique and glamorous time. The Beat Generation showed people how to rebel against the daily grind that the generation before had fallen victim, and the new generation was looking for a revolution of their very own. 
Ye' Ye' Girls is a collection of original compositions by Doug Mansfield. This will be Doug's third complete art collection! Doug Mansfield will be updating this page as he works on the compositions so if you are interested in the process please check back every now and then for updates and journal entries!
Doug Mansfield will be updating this page as he works on the compositions for this collection. Please check back every now and then for updates and journal entries!
Journal Entry #7
July 27th 2022: 
Started to reevaluate the Gillian Hills composition "Tut Tut Tut". I changed the size of the original layout, and now considering a triptych. The video made for the song depicts Gillian trying to call her boyfriend on the phone and getting the Tut Tut Tut busy signal. She proceeds to drive her car around to look for him stopping at a pay phone to get the same busy signal. The first panel of the triptych will depict Gillian in her swanky mid mod pad on t the phone getting the busy signal, the second panel will be Gillian in her Fiat driving, and the third panel will be Gillian in a phone booth once again trying to reach her boyfriend.
Journal Entry #6
July 18th 2022: 
Finished the fifth composition for the Ye' Ye' Girls Collection, this one Titled "Ce Soir Ria Bartok". This one depicts Ria Bartok on a Cushman Scooter driving in Paris as she passes by a sign post that reads Bus Palladium, Ce Soir Ria Bartok.
Journal Entry #5
July 14th 2022: 
Did 2 layouts for the Ye' Ye' Girls collection. These two compositions  are 24" x 48" and will go on canvas. These two compositions are not part of the show, but will help in promoting and giving people an idea about the show. 
Journal Entry #4
July 12th 2022: 
I finished my fourth composition which is inspired by "Liz Brady" entitled "Bus Palladium". This is the club in Paris where all the hip people that loved Jazz & Rock-N-Roll would hang out. The composition "Bus Palladium" tries to capture the energy and vibe of the club where the patrons could dance in any style desired. 
Journal Entry #3
July 11th 2022: 
Check out the book "Ye' Ye' Girls of '60's FRENCH POP" byJean-Emmanuel Deluxe from 2013. This is a great book and full of inspiration!
Journal Entry #2
July 11th 2022: 
So far I have 3 completed compositions for the Ye' Ye' Girls Collection. The first three girls that have inspired me for the collection is "France Gall" and the title of this composition is "Jazz A GoGo", next "Gillian Hills" entitled "Tut, Tut, Tut & "Jaqueline Taieb" "7 Heures Du Matin". The next two are "Liz Brady" & "Sylvie Vartan".
Journal entry #1
July 10th 2022: 
This collection will bring you back to Paris in the mid 20th Century! I am very inspired by the language, the fashion, the music and the girls who make all these things so desirable. I am very excited to work on this collection, I am not sure when the art show will be or where it will be, yet, but the vision is clear in my head. 

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